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ベトナム、ハノイの Xuan Dieu通り沿いにある
洋服の仕立て屋 Clom's Closetです!

Hello everyone!!

We are Clom's Closet
「Clom's Closet」is tailor shop for women and man 
at Xuan Dieu str., hanoi Vietnam.


Reversible down jacket that is loved by everyone

It is constituted by two-color navy + brown
It is a very useful one!

In the shade of the calm tone with two colors not too bright
Also down jacket tend to be childish
It is down calm impression simple!

and naw we have

Happy 2014 SALE!!
Jacket / Coat

Please tray on this time!!

In the shop, select a fabric from the color pattern of the other
You can also tailor.
Please ask the staff willingly.

We’ll do our best today.

Clom's Closet


31A Xuan Dieu., TayHo 
Hanoi Vietnam

 (+84) 4 37188233

店名    Clom's Closet
住所   31A Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
電話番号 04 37 188 233  (日本人スタッフ対応可能)


Tôi mun đến s 31A Xuan DieuTây H, Hà Ni. 
Hãy gi s này nếu bn không biết đa ch.
TEL 04 37 188 233


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