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some message from Cloms Closet send to you !

Hello !
we are Cloms Closet .
today is lastday of year .
one-year term ended.
Over the past year our store received 
a lot of visitors to the site and shopping,
 both patrons and new guests.
A long time than trying,
 we've received a lot of feedback from customers.
 Including good and bad feedback.
we're really happy when each product is handed over to you 
and get satisfaction from you.
We are grateful for comments from you in the past time
. Whether good or bad, we are very happy to receive it.
 because thanks to it that we draw a lot more experience
 and avoid mistakes on the rise 
We sincerely thank all customers for their support and visit us during the past.
Happy new year to you and we hope  see you soon in next year . 
thank you for shopping with us .

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some fabric can made for kid at clomsclset.

hello ! 
we are cloms closet shop.

Not only product for man and for women.
at cloms closet we also have product for kid . 
with kid , special newly born 
we have fabric with material so many cotton and very soft for them.
in picture is one in so many fabric can use for kid that one we have .
with this material you can choose for made top , skirt , dress , blanket .......
so many items can made from this material .
lets come to with us .
we will help you made your ideal become nice product

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new sample coat for Winter .

Hello !
we are Cloms closet shop.
 on picture is one in so many new sample coat we made for winter.
this style very young and easy for wear .
we also have so many new magazine for you choose and order .
this coat made by cotton fabric .
if you don't like it you can choose another material.
we have so many material for you choose .
let's come with us and choose for you 1 style suitable with you made by yourself

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Happy sale for made suit from 26/12 to 31/12

We are ClomsCloset shop.

with the hope bring to our customer a merry christmas 
and a happy new year .
we have so many present for customer order suit , shirt and coat .
When customer order shirt , suit and shirt we will give you 10% off .
the program will start from today and finish on 31/12
let's come to with us and bring lucky  for new year .

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Hello everybody
thank you so much for coming our shop this year.
we keep trying to be more grow up in the further.

please come to our shop and enjoying your shopping.

OH !!!we forgot to tell you all the most important ......
We hope you have great time with family,friends,....

Thank you so much again.

Huge HUG from Clom's Closet

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Happy merry Christmas with big sale from Cloms closet!!!!!!!

  Hello !
We 're Cloms Closet shop .
Today is special day .
 We wish all of our customer have a Christmas season 
with your friend and your family .
this time we have so many gift for our customer when they come to shopping with us .
we have special program .
when customer buy product with invoive from 3 million . 
they can received voucher from 10% to 30 % percent . 
today is last day of program
let's come with us and received so many gift from us .








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new arrival for Winter from Cloms closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today i continue upload picture about new arrival for winter of our shop.
on picure is new coat that we import from Japan .
This time Vietnam's weather very cold .
so i think this coat can keep warm for you .
this style we have 5 color : black , beige, white ..
if you have free time you can come our shop and try it.
we still have so many new arrival for you .

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Εισαγωγή για Clomscloset κατάστημα

Γεια σας!
Είμαστε Clom`s Ντουλάπα
Σήμερα θα παρουσιάσουμε everyboody για το κατάστημά μας.

"Ένα από-to-order, εγώ θα δημιουργήσει ένα πλούσιο τρόπο ζωής."
"Είμαστε όλοι να δημιουργήσουμε τη ζωή ευτυχία σας
και να ορίσετε ένα με παραγγελία »σε σύλληψη,
Ο καθένας από made-to-order ζωής
Μου επιτρέπεται να σας βοηθήσει.

Ανόι, Βιετνάμ, περιοχή Tay Ho
Είμαι βρίσκονται κατά μήκος Xuan Dieu Street,
Κυρίες παραγγελία κατάστημα ενδυμάτων
Είναι "ClomsCloset".


Και από την είσοδο στα μάτια όταν μπαίνετε στο κατάστημα
Πολύχρωμο ύφασμα, ύφασμα, ύφασμα ... !!

Από περίπου 2000 είδη των εισαγόμενων υφασμάτων
Και σας ευχαριστώ για την επιλογή του υφάσματος της επιλογής σας,
Θα ραπτική.
Φόρεμα, φούστα, παντελόνια, μπλούζες,
Δικαστήριο, το κόμμα φόρεμα, Παιδικά ρούχα ... κ.λπ.

Όλα είναι διαθέσιμα κατόπιν παραγγελίας.

Εκτός του κοστούμι στο 2F
Προσαρμογή έχει επίσης καταστεί δυνατό.
Την Ιαπωνία, την Ιταλία, το Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο από ό, τι
Θα προετοιμάσει μια επιλογή των υφασμάτων.

Συνιστάται σημείο του καταστήματος μας
Από οτιδήποτε "ιαπωνικό".
Η ενδελεχής έλεγχος της ποιότητας.
Η παγκόσμια μάρκα Made in Japan
Υλοποίηση εδώ Βιετνάμ.
Η ιαπωνική κάτοικος του προσωπικού στο κατάστημα!
Το Ya πρόστιμο σχεδιασμού, καθώς Ιάπωνες είναι ο μόλυβδος
Στυλ Ακόμη είναι δυνατή διαβούλευση!

Εδώ Ανόι, Βιετνάμ
Από αυτό είναι επίσης πλειοδότης του ταξιδιού σας μεγάλη,
Προσαρμογή σε σύντομο χρόνο παράδοσης Προσφέρουμε επίσης.

Οι μνήμες από πολύτιμα ταξίδια,
Γιατί δεν γίνεται να παραγγείλετε;

Αν μπορείτε να προ-επαφής
Ιαπωνικά προσωπικό θα χαρεί βέβαια αντιστοιχούν.



Δεν made-to-order μόνο,
Έτοιμα ενδύματα, τσάντες, πορτοφόλια, καπέλα ..., ειδών οικιακής χρήσης, κ.λπ.
Εμείς θα προσφέρει μια γκάμα από αξεσουάρ.

Αυτό που μπορώ να τοποθετήσω αναψυχής και χαλάρωσης για όλους του Βιετνάμ ζωής
Δεν υπάρχει πιο χαράς.

Δεν είναι δύσκολο να βρεθεί στο Ανόι, Βιετνάμ,
«Τι χαριτωμένο απλό"
Αν έρθει στην ντουλάπα Clom του
Τι ψάχνετε για σας θα βρείτε σίγουρα.

κατευθύνσεις μέχρι Ντουλάπα Clom είναι (ανοίγει χάρτη σελίδα) εδώ ↓
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Hordhac ku saabsan dukaan Clomscloset

Waxaan nahay ClomsCloset
Maanta waxaan ku bari doonaa everyboody ku saabsan dukaan.

"Si sameeyey-to-A, waxaan abuuri doonaa hab nololeed hodan."
"Waxaan dhamaanteen abuuro noloshaada farxad
oo wuxuu qotomiyey leh Custom dhigay "in fikradda,
Qof walba ee nolosha sameeyey-to-si
Aniga ley ogol yahay in ay ku caawiyaan.

Hanoi, Vietnam, degmada Tay Ho
Waxaan ku yaalla waddada Xuan Dieu,
Dukaan dharka caadadiisu-dhigay Ladies
Ma "ClomsCloset".


Iyo soo galaan indhaha Marka aad soo gashid dukaanka
Dhar midabo badan leh, dhar, dhar ... !!

Laga bilaabo 2000 nooc oo dhar laga keeno
Oo waxaad ku mahadsan tahay doorashada dhar ah oo aad doorato,
Waxaan horjoogsadeen doonaa.
Dharka, haddana darafkii, surwaal, dushooda,
Maxkamadda, dharka xisbiga, Kids dharka ... iwm

Dhammaan waxaa laga heli karaa dhigay si aad u dalbato.


Waxaa intaa dheer ee ku xigsadey ee 2f
Dawaarlaha ayaa sidoo kale waxa uu noqday suurtagal ah.
Japan, Italy, United Kingdom ka badan
Waxaan diyaarin doonaa xulashada oo dhar.

Dhibic talinayo of our dukaan
Badan tahay wax walba "Japan".
Ilaalinta tayada dhamaystiran.
Brand caalamiga ah sameeyey Japan
Xaqiijinta halkan Vietnam.
Japan oo deggan shaqaalaha dukaanka!
The design ganaax Ya sababtoo Japan waa hogaanka
Style Xitaa waa la tashi badan!

Halkan Hanoi, Vietnam
Ka sidoo kale waa in aad qaata safarka waaweyn,
Jaangoyo in waqti gaaban bixinta Sidoo kale waxaan bixinaa.

Xusuusta safarka qaali ah,
Waa maxay sababta aan loo sameeyey si aad u dalbato?

Haddii aad karto ka hor-xiriir
Shaqaalaha Japan ku faraxsan dabcan u dhigma doonaa.



Ma sameeyey-ka-amar kaliya,
-To-Duugga Ready, bacaha, boorsada, koofiyadaha ..., alaabta guriga, iwm
Waxaan bixin doonaa line-a ee looga gol leeyahay.

Taasi oo aan u dhigi karto nasashada madadaalada iyo qof kasta oo nolosha Vietnam
Waxaa no more of farxad waa.

Ma aha adag tahay inay helaan in Hanoi, Vietnam,
"Waa maxay fudud cute"
Hadii aad ku soo Clom ee kabadhka
Waxa aad raadineyso weeyna waxaad ka heli doontaa hubaal.

tilmaamaha ilaa Clom ee kabadhka waa (furmo map page) halkan ↓
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Inleiding oor Clomscloset winkel

Ons is ClomsCloset
Vandag sal ek stel aan everyboody oor ons winkel.

"'N gemaak-tot-einde, sal ek 'n ryk leefstyl."
"Ons het almal skep Jou Lewe Geluk
en stel met 'n Custom gemaak "in die konsep,
Die almal van gemaak-tot-einde die lewe
Ek toegelaat om te help.

Hanoi, Viëtnam, Tay Ho distrik
Ek langs Xuan Dieu straat,
Dames maat klerewinkel
Is "ClomsCloset".


En binne-in die oë Wanneer jy tik die winkel
Kleurvolle materiaal, stof, stof ... !!

Vanaf ongeveer 2000 soorte van ingevoerde materiaal
En dankie vir die keuse van die materiaal van jou keuse,
Ek sal kleremakery.
Rok, romp, broek, tops,
Hof, partytjie rok, kinders klere ... ens

Almal is beskikbaar op bestelling gemaak.


In byvoeging van die pak in 2F
Kleremakery cũng het TRO die.
Japan, Italië, die Verenigde Koninkryk steenkool die
Ons sal 'n seleksie van materiale berei.

Aanbeveel punt van ons winkel
As enigiets "Japanese".
Deeglike gehaltebeheer.
Die globale handelsmerk in Japan
Realisering Vietnam hier.
Die Japannese personeel inwoner in die winkel!
Die fyn Ya Japannese ontwerp is lood vi
Style dit is moontlik selfs konsultasie!

Hier Hanoi, Viëtnam
Van reis bieër dit cũng của groot,
Kleremakery in 'n kort aflewering tyd Ons cũng bied.

Die kosbare herinneringe van die reis,
Hoekom nie gemaak word om te bestel?

As jy kan pre-kontak
Japannese personeel ooreenstem Sal Wees bly natuurlik.



Nie gemaak-tot-bestelling,
Gereed-om-te-dra, sakke, beursies, hoede ..., huishoudelike goedere, ens
Ons sal 'n besetting van verbetering bied.

Dit wat ek kan plek van ontspanning en ontspanning vir almal van Viëtnam lewe
Daar is nie meer van vreugde.

Dit is nie moeilik om te vind in Hanoi, Viëtnam,
"Wat oulike eenvoudige"
As jy kom na Clom's Closet
Wat jy soek, sal jy sekerlik vind.

kas is 'n tot Clom se aanwysings (open kaart bladsy) hier ↓
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 ClomsCloset blog is here ↓
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Voel asseblief vry om ons te kontak hieronder ↓
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Introducere despre Clomscloset magazin

Suntem ClomsCloset
Astazi voi prezenta la everyboody despre magazinul nostru.

"Un ordin-a făcut a-, voi crea un stil de viata bogat."
"Noi toți crea fericirea ta viață
și a stabilit cu un Personalizat "în concept,
Toată lumea de viață a făcut-to-order
Eu am voie să ajut.

Hanoi, Vietnam, district Tay Ho
Sunt situate de-a lungul străzii Xuan Dieu,
Doamnelor magazin de îmbrăcăminte la comandă
Este "ClomsCloset".


Și de la intrarea în ochi Când introduceți magazin
Tesatura colorat, tesatura, tesatura ... !!

Din aproximativ 2000 de tipuri de țesături importate
Și vă mulțumesc pentru alegerea tesatura de alegerea ta,
Voi croitorie.
Rochie, fusta, pantaloni, topuri,
Curtea, rochie de partid, copii haine ... etc.

Toate sunt disponibile la comanda.


În plus, de costum din 2F
Croitorie Cung are tro.
Japonia, Italia, cărbunele Marea Britanie
Vom pregăti o selecție de țesături.

Punct recomandate de magazinul nostru
Decât nimic "japoneză".
De control al calității temeinică.
Brandul global Made in Japan
Realizarea Vietnam aici.
Japonez de personal rezident în magazin!
Fin Designul japonez Ya este vi plumb
Stilul este posibilă chiar și consultare!

Aici Hanoi, Vietnam
Din ofertant călătorie este Cung của mare,
Croitorie într-un timp scurt de livrare Va oferim Cung.

Prețioase amintiri de călătorie,
De ce nu se face la comanda?

Dacă puteți pre-contact
Japoneză corespund Personalul va fi bucuros desigur.



Nu-a făcut la comandă numai,
Ready-to-wear, sacoșe, portofele, pălării ..., de uz casnic, etc.
Vom oferi o gama de accesoriu.

Că cine pot plasa de odihna si relaxare pentru toată lumea de viață Vietnam
Nu există nici mai de bucurie.

Nu este greu de găsit în Hanoi, Vietnam,
"Ce simplu drăguț"
Dacă vin la Closet Clom lui
Ce căutați vei gasi cu siguranta.

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■ Closet blog Clom este aici ↓

■ Closet Instagram Clom lui aici ↓
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Réamhrá faoi Clomscloset siopa

Dia duit!
Tá muid ClomsCloset
Sa lá atá inniu beidh mé a thabhairt isteach chun everyboody faoi ár siopa.

"Ordú a rinneadh-go-, beidh mé a chruthú stíl mhaireachtála saibhir."
"Táimid go léir a chruthú do sonas Bheatha
agus atá leagtha le rinne an Chustaim "i gcoincheap,
An bhfuil gach duine ar an saol de dhéantús an-go-ordú
Tá mé cead chun cabhrú leat.

Hanoi, Vítneam, Tay Ho dúiche
Tá mé suite feadh Xuan Dieu sráide,
Ladies siopa éadaí saincheaptha
An bhfuil "ClomsCloset".


Agus dul isteach na súile Nuair a théann tú ar an siopa
Fabraic ildaite, fabraic, fabraic ... !!

Ó thart ar 2000 cineál na fabraice allmhairithe
Agus Go raibh maith agat as roghnú an creatlach do rogha,
Beidh mé oiriúint.
Gúna, sciorta, pants, bairr,
Chúirt, gúna páirtí, éadaí Kids ... etc.

Tá gach ar fáil a rinneadh a ordú.


Chomh maith leis sin ar agra i 2F
Oiriúint Cung Tá tro ar an.
An tSeapáin, an Iodáil, gual Ríocht Aontaithe
Déanfaimid ullmhú rogha de fabraicí.

Pointe Molta ar ár siopa
Ná rud ar bith "Seapáinis".
Rialú cáilíochta críochnúil.
An branda domhanda Déanta Sa tSeapáin
Realization Vítneam anseo.
Tá an fhoireann ina gcónaí Seapáine sa siopa!
Tá an Ya dearadh Seapáinis fíneáil VI luaidhe
Stíl is Féideartha Fiú comhairliúchán!

Anseo Hanoi, Vítneam
Ó tairgeoir taistil go bhfuil sé Cung Cua mór,
Oiriúint i am seachadta gearr Cung linn a thairiscint.

Na cuimhní lómhara taistil,
Cén fáth nach a dhéanamh a ordú?

Mura féidir leat a réamh-teagmhála
An mbeidh fhreagraíonn foirne Seapáinis Bí sásta, ar ndóigh.


Gan a rinneadh-go-ordú amháin,
Réidh-le-chaitheamh, málaí, tiachóga, hataí ..., Earraí Tí, etc.
Déanfaimid thairiscint lineup de a fheabhsú.

Gur féidir liom a chuireann an caitheamh aimsire agus scíthe do gach duine de Vítneam saol
Níl aon níos mó de áthas.

Níl sé deacair a fháil i Hanoi, Vítneam,
"Cad simplí gleoite"
Má thagann tú chun Closet Clom ar
Cad tá tú ag lorg An mbeidh tú surely.

■ Closet Is dtí treoracha Clom (ar Osclaíonn leathanach léarscáil) anseo ↓

■ Tá Clom ar Closet bhlag anseo ↓

■ Clom ar Closet instagram anseo ↓
■ Cuir glaoch chun teagmháil a dhéanamh linn faoi ↓
TEL (+84) 4 37188233

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Clomscloset dükkan hakkında tanıtım

Biz Clom`s Dolap vardır
Bugün bizim dükkana hakkında everyboody tanıtacak.

"A made-to-sipariş, ben zengin bir yaşam tarzı yaratacak."
"Hepimiz senin Mutluluk yaşamı yaratmak
ve, Custom ile bir kavram olarak "yapılan set
Made-to-sipariş hayat herkes
Ben yardım için izin ediyorum.

Hanoi, Vietnam, Tay Ho ilçe
Ben, Xuan Dieu cadde boyunca yer alan am
Bayanlar ısmarlama giyim mağazası
"ClomsCloset" dir.


Ve sen dükkanı girdiğinizde gözleri girmesini
Renkli kumaş, kumaş, kumaş ... !!

İthal kumaş yaklaşık 2000 çeşit
Ve, seçtiğiniz kumaş seçtiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz
Ben terzilik olacaktır.
Elbise, etek, pantolon, üstleri,
Mahkeme, parti elbise, Çocuk giysileri ... vb

Tüm sipariş yapılan mevcuttur.


2F'de elbisenin ek olarak
Terziler da mümkün hale gelmiştir.
Japonya, İtalya, Birleşik Krallık daha
Biz kumaş seçimi hazırlayacak.

Bizim dükkanın Tavsiye noktası
Bir şey daha "Japon".
Kapsamlı kalite kontrol.
Made In Japan dünya markası
Burada Gerçekleşme Vietnam.
Mağaza Japon personel ikamet!
Ya ince tasarım Japon kurşun çünkü
Stil bile mümkün istişare olduğunu!

İşte Hanoi, Vietnam
Ondan da seyahat isteklinin büyük
Biz de sunuyoruz kısa teslim süresi Terzilik.

Değerli seyahat anıları,
Neden sipariş yapılamaz?

Eğer Eğer ön-temas
Japon personel karşılık elbette mutlu olacak.



Değil made-to-sipariş sadece,
Hazır giyim, çanta, cüzdan, şapka ..., ev eşyaları, vb
Biz donanımın bir sanatçısını sunacak.

Ben Vietnam hayat herkes için dinlenme ve rahatlama yerleştirebilirsiniz kim
Sevinç artık yoktur.

Bu Hanoi, Vietnam bulmak zor değil,
"Ne sevimli, basit"
Eğer Clom en Closet gelirseniz
Mutlaka bulacaksınız için ne arıyoruz.

■ Clom Klozet kadar tarifi burada ↓ (harita sayfasını açar)
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