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Clom's Closet  Sleeveless chiffon shirt!!

Hello everyone!!

We are Clom's Closet
Clom's Closet」is tailor shop for women and man 
at Xuan Dieu str., hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam Clom's Closet 's

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Recommended today
Is a sleeveless shirt!

Sleeveless shirt full of collar
When usable for work
It became the style of the very popular! !

I have an order in made-to-order,
You can adjust that to match the skirt with a shirt to short length,
If you in! Pants in for a longer to reverse, or to a length hem is hard to protrude
It is to study folded the customer favorite variety!

Also because the material is plain chiffon, you can choose from among 36 colors!
Clom's Closet chiffon fabric, in fact, is a very good field ☆

I would like to arrange a hue and, the feeling of size more and more of course! !
The customer that is

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In Clom's Closet current
2 wearing simultaneous sewing
Made to Order
To customers rather than just order
Is OFF campaign in 20%!

From the fabric of a lot in the store in Clom's Closet
♪ you can choose a favorite fabric
Also, since I have aligned and many sewing example, also catalog,
It is a tailor, but aimlessly
I think your walk and if you can visit us on the temple!

Little Miss size, nor size large San
Sewing order one piece, suit, etc.
Please leave Clom's Closet! !

Clom's Closet
31A Xuan Dieu., TayHo 
Hanoi Vietnam
 (+84) 4 37188233

店名    Clom's Closet
住所   31A Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
電話番号 0437191575  (日本人スタッフ対応可能)


Tôi mun đến s 31A Xuan DieuTây H, Hà Ni. 
Hãy gi s này nếu bn không biết đa ch.
TEL 04 37 188 233


Hanoi Vietnam
Custom made 
Ao Dai, Suit, Dress
Formal wear, Casual wear
Home linen, Accessary
Stationary, Bag, Shoes

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