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Clom's Closet Today's Pich up tailor made maxi-length one piece!!

Hello everyone!!

We are Clom's Closet
Clom's Closet」is tailor shop for women and man 
at Xuan Dieu str.,Tay Ho dist.,  Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam 

Clom's Closet Today's Pick up 

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It is a maxi length one piece useful for the coming season!

I would like to challenge the maxi length dress summer "this year,
Height has been hesitant so 150cm.
Is it back dress well even at low? "
There were inquiries from customers and.

Maxi length one-piece, by height
But is often inspire wearing image is so difficult,
In fact there is no such a thing!
Bag and access the height and silhouette pattern, the center of gravity, coordinate,
If Kubare attention to fashion items such as shoes,
The ♪'m able to dress well smartly in people of any height

I would like to arrange a hue and, the feeling of size of course! !
The customer that is

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This week Clom's Closet 

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From a lot of the fabric in the shop Clom's Closet

You can choose a facorite fabric!!
Also you can aligned and sewing example,
Because we are Tailor!!

Also, since I have aligned and many sewing example, also catalog,
It is a tailor, but aimlessly
I think your walk and if you can visit us on the temple!

Little Miss size, nor size large San

Sewing order one piece, suit, etc.
Please leave Clom's Closet! !

Clom's Closet
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31A Xuan Dieu., TayHo
Hanoi Vietnam
 (+84) 4 37188233
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Store name Clom's Closet
Address 31A Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone number 0437191575 (Japanese staff available)

I think that if you can show the driver the following when traveling by taxi.

Tôi muốn đến số 31A Xuan Dieu, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội.
Hãy gọi số này nếu bạn không biết địa chỉ.
TEL 04 37 188 233

※ Please call the shop if the address and store, do not know the above Vietnamese,
It has been described as.

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