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Introduction about Clomscloset shop

Hello !
We are Clom`s Closet 
Today I will introduce to everyboody about our shop.

"A made-to-order, I will create a rich lifestyle."
"We all create your Happiness life
and set a with Custom made "in concept,
The everyone of made-to-order life
I am allowed to help.

Hanoi, Vietnam, Tay Ho  district
I am located along Xuan Dieu street,
Ladies custom-made clothing store
Is "Clom`s Closet".

And from entering the eyes When you enter the shop
Colorful fabric, fabric, fabric ... !!

From about 2000 kinds of imported fabric
And Thank you for choosing the fabric of your choice,
I will tailoring.
Dress, skirt, pants, tops,
Court, party dress, Kids clothes ... etc.

All are available made to order.
In addition of the suit in 2F
Tailoring also has become possible.
Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom than
We will prepare a selection of fabrics.

Recommended point of our shop
Than anything "Japanese".
Thorough quality control.
The global brand Made In Japan
Realization here Vietnam.
The Japanese staff resident in the store!
The Ya fine design because Japanese is lead
Style Even it is possible consultation!

Here Hanoi, Vietnam
From it is also your travel bidder large,
Tailoring in a short delivery time We also offer.

The memories of precious travel,
Why not be made to order?

If you can pre-contact
Japanese staff will be happy of course correspond.
Not made-to-order only,
Ready-to-wear, bags, wallets, hats ..., household goods, etc.
We will offer a lineup of enhancement.

That who can I place of recreation and relaxation for everyone of Vietnam life
There is no more of joy.

It is not hard to find in Hanoi, Vietnam,
"What cute simple"
If you come to Clom's Closet
What you're looking for you will find surely.

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TEL (+84) 4 37188233

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