Clom's Closet



Clom's Closet Weekdnd Summer Bargain in session!

Hello everyone!!

We are Clom's Closet
Clom's Closet」is tailor shop for women and man 
at Xuan Dieu str., hanoi Vietnam.

we have many customers today.
Thank you very much!
Today haoni was rain.
So, it is hard to walk the road.
But lot of guests came to Clom's Closet.

Summer bargain continue tomorrow,
if you can Pls come on!!!!

Weekend Bargain 
 Summer 2013 !!!

Custom-made in Vietnam Hanoi
still popular summer wear!

Following on from last week today
Custom-made the beach dress
Made-to-order flared skirt,
Custom-made the loose tops
These summer items get a favorable reception!

Also at a bargain product
T-shirt is very popular!!

I pray for sunny tomorrow!

I do my best tomorrow.