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Clom's Closet New Arrival!! Linen Dress!!

Hello everyone!!

We are Clom's Closet
Clom's Closet」is tailor shop for women and man 
at Xuan Dieu str., hanoi Vietnam.

In Clom's Closet current

2013Summer 2ndSeason
It is the arrival rush in the acceleration mode!


Simple linen knee length one piece (Clom's Closet)
Accessories (from morocco)
Casual men's shirt (Clom's Closet)

New Arrival!!!!!

Also what number you purchase becomes less early. . .

Also one piece of linen, so nice!!!

Sometimes customers who return home from Vietnam,

They often ask us ,send email about New Arrival infomation
after return to Japan, France, Switzerland, Korea,....etc....

customers that France and Japan, Switzerland etc.
came back home countory.
ask us please return
It wants to contact new work Clom's Closet when up
Customers which you can also say ♪

Since the request has increased Thankfully

Got deals and latest arrival information in Clom's Closet
It is now that I am allowed to be delivered on a regular basis!

As far as really appreciate. . . Tear

Also to customers who have received our blog here

Once we have new information, such as interest

To e-mail address below to

Subject ⇒ What's New

(Nickname is also OK!) ⇒ text your name

Please send requested to the input!

The shorts were popular

New work was received!

The encouraging for the coming season

Denim and linen items
We've also strengthened the casual line
Tailor-made Vietnam Hanoi, shops of ready-made means
I think that if you can you come to play Te to Clom's Closet!!

I would like to arrange a hue and, the feeling of size of course! !

The customer that is

↓ ↓ ↓

In Clom's Closet current

2 wearing simultaneous sewing
Made to Order
To customers rather than just order
Is OFF campaign in 20%!

From the fabric of a lot in the store in Clom's Closet

♪ you can choose a favorite fabric
Also, since I have aligned and many sewing example, also catalog,
It is a tailor, but aimlessly
I think your walk and if you can visit us on the temple!

Little Miss size, nor size large San

Sewing order one piece, suit, etc.
Please leave Clom's Closet! !