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new arrival of Clom's Closet import from japan. Casual dress !!!

We are Clom's Closet
at 31A Xuan Dieu str., Tay Ho., Hanoi Vietnam.

This is a sample of our new new dress imported from Japan.
 The dress made ​​by  elastic cotton stretch paralysis. 
The front of the dress made ​​by fabric Arnica. 
With the use of Arnica fabric to sew the front part of the dress help 
 that one became more extravagant. Along with elastic cotton fabric ,
 you will feel comfortable when wear it. 
Currently we have only two colors: gold and silver.
 But we also have a lot of fabric so that you can select and order the same this form.

Clom's Closet
31A Xuan Dieu., TayHo 
Hanoi Vietnam
(+84) 4 37188233
Map :
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ベトナム ハノイ オーダーメイド
アオザイ スーツ ワンピース
フォーマルウエア カジュアルウエア
ホームリネン アクセサリー
ステーショナリー 鞄 靴 
ベトナム アパレル OEM生産 は、
Clom's Closetにお任せ下さい!

店名 Clom's Closet
住所  31A Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
電話番号 04 37 188 233  (日本人スタッフ対応可能)


Tôi mun đến s 31A Xuan Dieu, Tây H, Hà Ni. 
Hãy gi s này nếu bn không biết đa ch.
TEL 04 37 188 233


オーダーメイド スーツ・シャツのご相談

We do continue our best tomorrow !!
Thank you very much.

Clom's Closet staff